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Things to Know Before You Go:
WorldWide Roaming
Wait!  Who is Traveling These Days?
You might not be catching a plane or a cruise ship anytime soon, but now is the time to review the new wireless plans being offered, better phone deals, and to make sure your next or current choice in phones will travel as well as you do.
Phones That Roam
Is Your Own Phone Ready to Roam?
Find out if the phone you're using now can work in your foreign destination.  You may need to change your plan, your SIM or maybe your provider.
Mexico Roaming
Can Your Prepaid Phone Roam Outside the US?
Prepaid phones have various abilities for roaming in foreign countries. Most are limited to Mexico and Canada, but there are a few that will work outside North America...and a few that don't roam at all.
Mexico Roaming
What to Do If Your Phone Doesn't Roam
There are several options to stay connected in a foreign country without obligating yourself to a new phone at your destination. You can get a international SIM for your current phone, or you can acquire a roaming 'Travel' phone. Of course, a drastic move would be to change your wireless provider at home to gain better international roaming capabilities.  But it could be easy to make your own phone into an international traveler with a fresh, new SIM.  Also, a separate 'travel' phone just for foreign use could be a lot more affordable than you think.
Global Roaming
Roaming on Cruise Ships
While cellular roaming on cruise ships is now common, it can be very expensive.  There are ways to control your costs and still stay in touch, both in port and at sea.
Mexico Roaming
Wireless Roaming in Other North American Countries
We have specific details on cellular roaming in Mexico, Canada and Cuba. There are also Caribbean territories of the US that receive our special attention, all good places for a trip or a cruise...and still stay in touch.
Mexico Roaming
Roaming Numbers: If You're Ready for Trouble, You Won't Have Any
You know how this works, have these numbers in your phone, on paper or in your computer, and you can find help for any situation.  But if you forget one, that's the one you'll need!
Foreign SIM's
Foreign SIM's: Make Your Phone 'Live Like a Local'
You can get one at the airport, get one on the street, or right here at WorldWide Roaming.  If you get one for your phone, your phone will enjoy the trip, too!.
Mexico Roaming
The Checklist: Pack Your Socks and Your Roaming Tips
If you have a checklist for your clothes, now you've got one for your roaming. Just don't forget your phone.  Go Here if you do.
Roam the World
Who is the Wireless Roamer?
We are worldwide wireless travelers and we share our experiences, and the experiences of fellow travelers, with the hopes you won't make the same mistakes we've already made.
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